Virtual Piano Keyboard

Virtual keyboard for Garage band

Just a few years ago, if you wanted to play a keyboard, you had to either purchase an expensive keyboard or go visit a friend who had. However, thanks to the internet, anyone can make music online with a virtual piano keyboard. If you have the right music tool installed on your PC, you can use your computer keyboard as a piano as well. Here’s how to use software to create a virtual piano you can play whenever you want.
Using GarageBand
If you own a mac and are running GarageBand, turning your computer into a virtual piano keyboard is simple. Here are the steps you need to follow.
1.    After opening , create a new music project by clicking “File,” then, “New Music Project.” Give the project whatever name you want.
2.    The default keyboard will be a grand piano, but you can click the track and then click the “View/Hide Track Info” button to show a menu allowing you to select a different type of piano instrument. After selecting the piano you want, simply click the “View/Hide Track Info” button again to close the menu.
3.    Next, click “Window” and select “Musical Typing.” This will allow you to see which keys on your computer keyboard correspond to the keys on the musical keyboard.
4.    Play! Use the keys on your keyboard to “play” your computer just like a normal piano. You can also record what you play to listen to it later.
GarageBand is simple in the way it allows anyone who can use a computer keyboard to make music like on a real keyboard, so if you have this software, give it a try.
Online piano keyboard
If you don’t have a Mac , don’t worry—you can still play a virtual keyboard online in almost any modern internet browser.

Great tips for Learning Virtual Online keyboard


The steps of finding and using a keyboard on the internet are just as simple as using GarageBand. Here they are:virtual piano keyboard
1.    To find a tool you’ll want to use, perform a Google search for “virtual piano keyboard.” You’ll then be presented with several links to different pianos you can play using software or a Flash app. Look around and find one that you want. Some piano tools use just mouse clicks while others allow you to use your computer keyboard as well. Some allow both.
2.    Once you’ve found the virtual piano you like, play around with the controls to get a feel for the piano.  You can usually change the sound, add drum beats, and more while you play. There is also usually an “Instructions” button you can press to give you an idea of how to use a particular piano.
3.    Have fun! Play a virtual grand piano solo, or make the piano sound like a guitar and add drum beats to have a one-person rock band. The choice is entirely up to you.
If neither using GarageBand nor an online piano keyboard works for you, you may consider purchasing software. There are many paid piano keyboard download options which provide many more features than free versions. Checking musician’s forums for software recommendations or asking a friend who plays keyboard should get you started in which paid program you want to use. You can also look at reviews on sites like Amazon to see the pros and cons of software you are considering purchasing.
Playing music online or offline is a fun, rewarding experience, and using a virtual piano keyboard means you don’t have to be left out if you can’t afford expensive hardware. Follow these steps and start making music on your Mac or PC today.

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